Missing our beautiful Keely Gale

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If you mention my child's name I might cry, but if you don't mention it you will break my heart.

There are people in your life that sometimes just want to make you scream. For those of you fellow baby loss moms, you know exactly what I mean. I also know that you girls are the only ones who know what I mean. It is amazing how insulting people can be of our losses. I don't know if people assume that I shouldn't have that much pain because I never held Keely alive, or what. It seems as though people just do not realize that I held my child. I kissed my child. I told my baby I loved her and how sorry I was. The next day I buried her. So, yes, its VERY insulting for someone to come and belittle your situation and tell you that you are handling it wrong.
For some people, they are under the impression it is best to not even broach the subject. This is wrong. It kills me that you shut down when I mention my child's name. Don't tell me that it was Gods plan and that she is in a better place now. Would you find comfort if your child was taken away from you as long as you knew they were in a 'better' place now? Would that help you to relinquish any of your pain? The answer is no. Do not tell me that Keely was never meant to be, that it was all apart of Gods plan. Why would God choose to let me carry my child for forty weeks just to take her away from me at the very last possible second. I don't believe God picks and chooses which babies should stay on this earth.
Where am I now? I just got my consecutive 12th BFN. 12. A lot of you may think 12 doesn't seem like that many. Well, first off, when you've passed your child's first birthday and still have empty arms and an empty womb it is devastating. I also had over a years worth of BFN's before I got pregnant with Keely as well. So, three years of failure. Three years of my heart breaking. Three years of my body failing to do exactly what it was meant to do. Three years of unstoppable tears. Three years.
Our next step? IUI. Can you imagine how heartbreaking it is to know that you and your husband cannot have children on your own? That you have to have a Doctor intervene? Unless you've been in our shoes, you don't. Even with this, there are still no guarantees. No promises I will get pregnant. No promises that if I do get pregnant the baby will stick. No promises that at the very last moment I won't lose my child again. No assurance that the pieces of my life will not all fall down once more.
In the meantime, I have people in my life comparing their momentary sickness with me losing my child. Telling me to be happy I don't have to deal with screaming children in the grocery store. Telling me well, at least you can drink this month. Telling me to just calm down and it will happen. Telling me to adopt because people who adopt always get pregnant within a year. I have people telling me that I am handling this all wrong. That I am choosing to stay in my dark place. That I am pushing my friends away. That maybe its just not my time to have children.
We have to protect ourselves. Those of us who struggle. Sometimes we need to shield ourselves from other Mom's, from other children. From harsh and insensitive comments. From the people who frequently make these comments. So, if for some reason, you feel as though I have wronged you somehow, or you feel like I am handling my grief incorrectly. Put yourself in my shoes. Instead of getting angry with me because you feel I haven't given you enough of myself try baring with me and give me more of you when I might need it.


  1. Huge, HUGE (((HUGS)). I totally understand and I pray your IUI's are what do the trick (they worked for us for both pregnancies) and I also understand the failure of getting outside help to get pregnant. Not super intimate when 8 people see your business in order to get pregnant. However, it's also great to have tons of insight into your body. Praying for your take home baby!!!!

  2. I know you wrote this a while ago, and I know that I don't know you but I came across your blog. While I don't completely understand where you are coming from and can only imagine the pain you must feel, I just wanted to tell you I can relate. The line where you said, "Would you find comfort if your child was taken away from you as long as you knew they were in a 'better' place now? Would that help you to relinquish any of your pain?" is something I know very well. My daughter was not taken away from me, I chose adoption for her. I know she will have a "better life," but that does not make it any less painful for myself. People act as if I have no right to mourn her because I didn't 'lose' her; I chose this. Whenever I get upset or show remorse and reach out to friends, they all but basically say to me: "why didn't you keep her, then?" I know it's different, but at the same time, similar, and there is no timeline for it. I am truly sorry for the loss of your little girl, who will always be your little girl. Don't let what anyone says or thinks bother you. How you and your husband feel about her is all that matters! Stay strong..

  3. We don't know one another, but I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago. Your feelings are so similar to mine...it's amazing! I continue to wonder how things are going. It's been a while since you posted. Can you give us an update? My family will be hitting our 2 yr. mark soon, too. Take care.